1March 23, 2017FillyInteractifLady Marian Louise
2March 29, 2017ColtRevolutionaryLassie of Mine
3April 2, 2017ColtArcharcharchLauren P.
4May 16, 2017ColtPalaceLeave a Message
5Infinite KingdomFebruary 28, 2017ColtSky KingdomLightning Angel
6D W's DancerApril 13, 2017FillyArcharcharchLincoln Dancer
7Danza LakeMay 8, 2017ColtDanzaLiwa's Lake
8April 14, 2017ColtAtreidesLotta Candy Kisses
9Our Last ShotApril 11, 2017ColtHalf OursLou's Last
10Gator ProudApril 29, 2017FillyProud CitizenMay Gator
11April 11, 2017FillyPower BrokerMidnight Chat
12Flashy and FastApril 24, 2017ColtSongandaprayerMt. Quincy
13March 27, 2017ColtArcharcharchMy Dogs Are Barkin
14May 6, 2017FillyGuilt TripNative Trinket
15TencentsuperhoopApril 17, 2017ColtTenpinsNot One Bit
16CleverindaMarch 9, 2017FillyClever CryOur Linda Lou
17Moro Drama QueenApril 22, 2017FillyMoro TapPass the Drama
18Blessed AnnaFebruary 28, 2017FillyFast AnnaPleasantly Blessed
19February 6, 2017FillyEnglish ChannelPresent Danger
20March 16, 2017ColtZongProud Lisa
21QueezoutApril 11, 2017FillyFlat OutQueezee Deezee
22Giddy Up GeauxMarch 12, 2017FillyDue DateRailing Cigar
23K for KohenMarch 11, 2017ColtMedal CountReplay Runaway
24Arctic RoseFebruary 7, 2017ColtHalf OursRose Hunter
25Royal SpecialApril 11, 2017ColtLone Star SpecialRoyal Lemon
26February 17, 2017ColtNew Year's DayScootles
27Love D WildcatApril 2, 2017FillyD'wildcatShe Loves Runnin'
28Nola's SugarplumFebruary 27, 2017FillyMass MediaSugar Run
29StreettalkinhottieFebruary 21, 2017FillyClever CrySweettalkin Hottie
30Quick HeatMarch 24, 2017FillyFlashpointTica Caliente
31April 27, 2017ColtGuilt TripTime for Harlan
32Tap a MiracleMay 6, 2017ColtRace DayTragedy's Triumph
33May 10, 2017FillyPalace MaliceVerismilitude
34March 12, 2017FillyPower BrokerWith Honorandgrace
35Boy Who Cried WolfApril 17, 2017ColtRace DayWolf Letter
36May 15, 2017ColtBindAlala
37Arctic GuitarFebruary 10, 2017FillyStar GuitarArctic Indian
38Arties GameFebruary 2, 2017ColtForefathersArties T Ball
39More CleverApril 5, 2017FillyClever CryAthenamore
40April 19, 2017FillyGemologistBeam Reach
41Kenai SpecialApril 19, 2017FillyLone Star SpecialBella's Beauty
42April 8, 2017FillyZongBewitching Miss
43Moro LoveMay 7, 2017FillyMoro TapBlack Notebook
44March 13, 2017GeldingItsmyluckydayCaptured Moment
45April 30, 2017ColtJimmy CreedCasual Feat
46Run to CollectMarch 20, 2017ColtRun ProductionCollectzcat
47April 22, 2017FillyGuilt TripEnvoy's Running
48April 6, 2017ColtWarrior's RewardEtoile Petite
49Fancy InfinityApril 21, 2017ColtGuilt TripFancy Blue
50March 23, 2017FillyAtreidesFootnotedisclosure
51April 21, 2017FillyStreet BossHere Comes Cookie
52Heza FortuneApril 12, 2017ColtSum of the PartsHonky Tonk Hopper
53YoungboyMarch 22, 2017ColtFlat OutIcing On the Cake
54Star's DreamJanuary 19, 2017FillyStar GuitarIllustrious Dream
55Festive HeirMarch 31, 2017FillyApriorityJocata
56April 16, 2018FillyNot This TimeKit de Luca
57Lotta Candy KissesJanuary 13, 2011MareLemon Drop KidLotta Rhythm
58Shady GradyApril 16, 2018ColtGuilt TripLouisiana Lace
59February 16, 2018ColtCourt VisionMagic Mama
60Magic ShawMarch 12, 2006MareScrimshawMeli Magic
61Mahogany StormApril 27, 2007MareForestrySan Augustine
62Major AshworthFebruary 22, 2012MareColonel JohnMaster Link
63April 9, 2018FillyTenpinsMalindi
64Melbas IndianFebruary 22, 2013MareBig Top CatArctic Indian
65Miss CherryFebruary 6, 2005MareLord CarsonMaraschino
66MizzenwayFebruary 12, 2010MareMizzen MastGateway
67My CherimauxMarch 17, 2007MareLeroidesanimaux (BRZ)Cherlindrea
68Princess HenriApril 19, 2012MareHenrythenavigatorGoodness
69QueensguardMarch 20, 2012MareHenrythenavigatorRoyal Innocence
70March 30, 2018FillyInteractifRed Cause
71February 5, 2018ColtLone Star SpecialRose Hunter
72March 18, 2018FillyDouble IrishSafflower
73March 18, 2018ColtMedal CountSalver
74SalverApril 20, 2006MareSilver DeputyCuando Puede
75February 17, 2018FillyGuilt TripSangria Song
76March 23, 2018ColtBindScootles
77ScootlesMay 14, 2007MareMacho UnoSeason's Flair
78Shield of SpartaFebruary 18, 2014MareKitten's JoyDixie Shoes
79Shop for GoldFebruary 7, 2008MareSpeightstownShop Here
80Sithechristmas ElfMarch 26, 2012MareForefathersStrong Evidence
81StarkeyApril 9, 2008MareLimehouseMiss Re Anna
82Storm On the MesaApril 14, 2013MareSky MesaMagical Solution
83March 25, 2018ColtRedding CollieryTasso Run
84Tasso RunMay 23, 1999MareCherokee RunTasso Bee
85Texas FlygirlMay 1, 2013MareMy Pal CharlieMontanis
86The GonculatorMay 8, 2010MareCurlinReina Victoriosa (ARG)
87Tiz MariaFebruary 17, 2013MareTiz WonderfulSeize the Wind
88TrapitFebruary 19, 2013MareTrappe ShotWallingford
89Tuk TukMay 22, 2013MareGhostzapperDynabunny
90February 9, 2018ColtHampton Court (AUS)Tulita
91TulitaMarch 9, 2010MareMajestic WarriorCry of the Wild
92UnwooedMay 13, 2010MareDixie UnionDesignatoree
93March 19, 2018FillyRedding CollieryWatchfull
94Half HeroineMarch 30, 2016FillyHalf OursWestend Tapper
95What a SmileFebruary 28, 2006MareAptitudeUnfinished Dream
96WhisperdownthelaneMay 4, 2009MareReal QuietCrouching Thunder
97April 2, 2018FillyFirst DudeWilshire Boulevard
98Yankee LadyMarch 6, 2013MareYankee GentlemanZarb's Ballerina
99March 15, 2018FillyGuilt TripZ Smoke
100Almost Made ItApril 12, 2014MareOverdrivenAlmost Aprom Queen
101February 22, 2018ColtHalf OursArctic Indian
102February 4, 2018ColtLone Star SpecialArties T Ball
103ArzellaApril 3, 2010MareOfflee WildSara's Success
104Ayala StrandApril 2, 2004MareTiznowDanzig Island
105Lumberjack EmpireApril 11, 2016FillyI Want RevengeBarefoot Baby
106Big Blue PillMarch 12, 2012MareRock Hard TenPrincess Falina
107Big TownerFebruary 18, 2009MareCandy Ride (ARG)Als Delight
108SinginginthewindFebruary 12, 2016ColtSongandaprayerBreezily
109ByanoseApril 24, 2010MareWildcat HeirCry At My Wedding
110Candy AssayApril 14, 2013MareLemon Drop KidSophie's Cat
111CandyontheriseFebruary 18, 2015FillyCandy Ride (ARG)Touch Magic
112April 16, 2018ColtHakassan (CHI)Casabella
113Caterina (URU)November 28, 2000MareRitz (ARG)Cumarina (URU)
114Cat EyesFebruary 9, 2004MareDevil His DueS'Mor Sunshine
115February 5, 2018ColtNownownowCigar Starter
116April 12, 2018FillyHalf OursCity Way
117Cofresi TesoroFebruary 14, 2006MareSuccessful AppealGal's Forum
118Crystal CourtFebruary 1, 2006MareFusaichi PegasusSummervale
119Denali Cat TaleMarch 20, 2011MareTale of the CatMazella
120Divine LadyApril 30, 2001MareKris S.Divine Dixie
121April 11, 2018FillyHalf OursDos Lunas
122May 2, 2018ColtCameo AppearanceEtoile Petite
123Fancy BlueFebruary 4, 2009MareBluegrass CatFancy Clancy
124Flashy PrizeMarch 19, 2010MareFlashy BullRich Peace
125Heaven's SlamMarch 6, 2002MareGrand SlamHeavenly Dawn
126Highest RewardFebruary 3, 2009MareCongratsCloudrunner
127Hive QueenMarch 9, 2009MareShakespeareSunlit Silence
128March 9, 2018FillyRedding CollieryHot Talent
129Humble JanetApril 8, 2004MareHumble ElevenHumble Retha
130January 25, 2018FillyHalf OursIllustrious Dream
131February 19, 2018FillyHalf OursIndian Tribe
132Indigo DancerMarch 30, 2012MareZarbyevIndigo Girl
133Infinite LifeJanuary 24, 2013MareDrosselmeyerIn This Life
134Inner PeaceMay 1, 2010MareValue PlusStelluchella
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