The Facility

The Facility

Equine Sales Company completed the construction of their new facility in 2013.   The main brick and metal building houses a large reception area, restrooms, staff offices, media room, repository, restaurant, kitchen, bar, sales pavilion and indoor sales arena.

Our safely-constructed barns, wash rack areas, equine loading areas and large parking combine to make for a safe, comfortable, convenient and efficient equine sale venue.

Sales Pavilion

Air-conditioned indoor sales ring with ample viewing and seating space, along with full video live-streaming coverage  throughout the facility.

A full kitchen and air-conditioned  restaurant and staffed bar located next to sales ring has a full view of the auction arena.

Sale Barns

Our sale barns are airy, spacious and comfortable for the sale horses.  We take pride in the 12×12 Priefert stalls that will safely accommodate large  Thoroughbred race horses.  

At each barn end, lockable feed and tack rooms are available to consignors.  

Manicured paths connect the barns to the sales pavilion and show ring areas.

Barns A, B and C Layout

Barn D Layout

Outdoor Show Rings

The outdoor show rings are located beyond the Sales Pavilion, and are large enough to allow prospective buyers ample space to view the sale horses prior to going into the indoor sale arena.



The Repository is located in the main building next to the sale pavilion.  It is established for consignors to deposit radiographs and other relevant information for inspection  by prospective Purchasers’ registered veterinarians.

The deposit and inspection of information, and access to the Repository are subject to the Conditions of Sale.


Facility available for rental

Our extensive facilities are available for corporate events, meetings, family reunions, receptions or even a wedding.

Our space is very flexible, and can accommodate small, intimate groups up to large crowds and parties.

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